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GW160 dental washer
Key Specifications/Special Features:
Fully Automatic Laboratory Glassware Washer Disinfector GW160
is an efficient aid for the cleaning and thermal disinfection of all types of surgical instruments, dental handpieces, laboratory glassware etc.. Ideal for use in hospitals, medical centres, dental offices and laboratories. It excludes the professional risk due to handling infected instruments.

This washer disinfectors is designed and constructed to comply with the European EN ISO 15883, UK HTM 2030 and WRAS guidelines on contamination.
Key features and specifications:
  • All-dimensional effective spray cleaning the objects inside and outside to ensure a best cleaning and disinfection result.
  • Multitronic control system featuring seven standard programmes(pre-wash,super quick, fast, rinsing, economy, standard, powerful washing) and one custom programme slot
  • With auto-diagnostic checking that constantly monitors and displays current cycle status and alarms
  • Buzzer signals end of program and program failure check
  • Easy to use, the LCD touch control system can simplify the end user job when operating the machine.
  • Direct basket coupled system to water feed for efficient water usage, and maximum basket flexibility for load to load
  • Automatic contamination discharging: double pump structure, double stainless steel filter
  • Automacit brighter agent dispenser and self-alarm system.
  • Double wall construction and thorough insulation reduce electricity consumption and heat loss.
  • Standard steam condenser eliminates vapours
  • Heavy washing pump ensures high flow rate combined with effective spray pressure.
  • Inner cabinet, washing arms and tank filters made of high quality AISI 316L stainless steel.
  • Self cleaning tank with rounded edges.
  • Detergent auto-supply machine is available
  • Large capacity of water softener for a continuous supply of softened water available.
Inlet water pressure: 0.04 – 1.00 Mpa
Water pressure in chamber: 0.3 – 0.4 Mpa
Compound vacuum filter: minimum size ≥10μm
Maximum Power: ≤ 1760W
Noise: ≤ 50dB
Inner chamber size: 160L
Exterior size: 590×595×850 mm
Net weight: ≤43kg


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