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XFCS Fecal Management System
Key Specifications/Special Features:
Intelligent Management System for Urine and Fecal incontinence, designed for bedridden or immobilized, incontinent patients, can used in Hospital, Welfare house, Sanatorium, Home
XFCS-A type Intelligent Management System adopts Philips PLC ARM processor as its kernel part,  with the RTX embedded operating system, the machine can automatically detect and analyse Excretion discharge status, then select suitable setting program(with manual control mode)to realize humane care. The anti-bedsore pad is equipped together with the machine. The excrement will be sterilized by negative oxygen ion, and the eacretion can is designed with air purifier and filtrate equipment what ensure the effect of odor removal.

The XFCS-A machine is suitable for patients who are lack of self care ability like hemiplegia,parapliegia,or after surgery,that will be helpful to reduce the burden of spirit and to improve their rehabilitation ,meanwhile to reduce the burden of nursing care people.

Technology data:
1.Voltage:220V 50HZ
3.Start noise: less than 68db

Settable technical parameters
1.Temperature of washing water setting
2.Time of washing setting
3.Temperature of dry setting
4. Time of dry setting

Functions of safe alarm and protection
1.Cleaning water floor level alarm
2.Excretion can over level alarm
3.Washing water over-temperature protection
4.Dry over -temperature  protection
5.Sensor dysfunctional detecting alert system
6.Leakage and over-current  protection

Real time dynamic detection 
1.Water floor level detection
2.Excretion overload level detection
3.Washing water temperature detection
4.Dry temperature detection
5.Times of excreting real time record


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