CanART Spinal implant for thoracic lumbar fixation 

Canwell, the China top spinal implant manufacturer, offer you a reliable and affordable solution for Posterior thoracolumbar fixation £¨Posterior malformation correction,
Degenerative spinal diseases etc.)


-Safety Locking
-Safety locking: new closure technology—a reverse-angle set screw designed to thread easier, hold stronger.
-Top loading, top tightening implants
-Cancellous threads and Cortical threads design of the screw ensure superior fatigue and pull out resistance
-Fixed-axial and poly-axial screw designs make sure to be suitable for different surgery.
-Low profile and multi-axial crosslink design
-Multi-axial Crosslink plates and different lengths make sure for different requirements
-With different personalized instruments for pedicle screw reduction, applicable for different surgery.