In recent years, China’s economy increases rapidly , which draws much attention home and abroad, especially the economy of Yangtze River Delta, it is the engine of China’s flourishing economy. It accounts for 2% of the country area yet creates 26% of the country’s GDP, fulfils 37% export volume, attracts 52% foreign investment, and increases by 15% yearly.

Depending on self-predominance as excellent geographic location, developed traffic and infrastructure, abundant talent reservation, the Yangtze River Delta was designated at the end of 2006, as the country’s most significant economic center in lastest national development program, an important international gateway to the Asia-Pacific Region, an important advanced manufacutring base worldwide, which promotes it to the direction of the world-class city groups like the Great Lakes Area in the America.

The main cities:

Shanghai: The center of international economy, finance, trade and logistics. Its main industries include Finance, IT, Automotive manufacturing, Petrochemical, Medicine, Medical equipment, Biotech instrument.

Ningbo: The second important center of Yangtze River Delta and has world-class deep-water port—Beilun Port. The Hangzhou Bay Bridge will strength the cooperation and competition between Ningbo and Shanghai.
Main Industry: Energy, Electromechnical, Petrochemical, Textile and clothing, Tobacco, Automotive and ship manufacturing. Ningbo is a manufacturing base for electromechanical products, such as plastic jetting-moulding machine, power tool, household appliance, lighting, bearing, instrument and meter, Biotech Instruments, medical apparatus, microscopes. And private enterprises play a very active role.

Hangzhou: main industries are IT, Medicine, Medical apparatus, Biotech instruments,Textile, Machinery manufacturing, Food processing and Tourism.

Wenzhou is a manufacturing base for electric appliance, pump and valve, auto and motor parts, leather shoes, clothing, lighter and glassess.

Jinhua is a manufacturing base for power tool, measuring tool, petrol engine, door accessories, hardware and metal parts.

Taizhou is a manufacturing base for pump valve, moulding, sewingmachine, pneumatic tool and auto & motor parts

Shaoxing: Main industries are Textile, Machinery manufacturing, Chemical and Tourism.

Nanjing: IT, Petrochemical, Steel and Automobile

Suzhou: IT, Textile, Chemical, Medical apparatus

Wuxi: IT, Medicine, Mechanical and Textile

Changzhou: Construction equipment, Agricultural machinery, Automobile, Textile and Clothing